Shoulder Health

As anyone who plays a game of dodgeball quickly realizes, this is a sport that puts your shoulder and rotator cuff through its paces. After a few scares with shoulder subluxion, and years of nagging back and rotator cuff pain, I started looking for ways to preserve and improve my shoulder health.

This video over at has a few simple exercises that I found have been really effective at improving the health of my shoulder. Even after one round of these exercises, I could feel (and sometimes hear) points of tension releasing, and definitely noticed a difference in the mobility of my shoulders.

For a daily challenge, I also really like this articular rotation exercise from the Onnit Academy. Throwing sports really build up a lot of tension in the front part of your chest and shoulder. By bringing your shoulder through its entire range of motion, you’ll start to combat that tightness, prevent injury and preserve your arm.


One comment

  1. JP Nuyens · September 19, 2015

    Wow great idea with this blog. I need a one stop shop for shoulder fitness. I know you’ll move on to other parts of the body but I’ve been accumulating more and more shoulder warmups and daily exercises. Im definitely adding some of these to the list. Keep up the good work.


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